Direct environment

You can enjoy lovely walks and cycles straight from the campsite. We have various walking routes available, on map and digitally, ranging from 3 to 16 kilometers and with a wide variation in intensity.
Cycling is possible on the roads, the pavement is good and there is little car traffic.


There is plenty to do in the wider area. The settlement of Bibracte, located on the Mont Beuvray, is well known. It is 22 centuries old and has become known as a large Gallo-Roman settlement. The history of Bibracte is shown on the Mont Beuvray and on clear days you have a view of the Jura and the Alps.

The large lakes

In the middle of the Morvan, about 50 km north of the campsite, are the large lakes, of which the Lac de Panneciere and the Lac de Setton are the best known. It is wonderful to spend time on the water on warm summer days. There are also walking and cycling opportunities around the lakes.